Ironwood Mountain Biking and Kayaking; Wolverine Village

As always, Wolverine Village is an awesome place to stay.

Really fun singletrack. Mostly tight and technical with constant rocks and technical ups and downs. Many tough climbs (I use my granny ring more here than anywhere else I ride). There is currently around 12? miles of singletrack that with the ski trails forms a solid 1:45 loop at "tempo" type pace when I ride my preferred direction. If you ride it the other way you replace a very long technical ascent with a singletrack descent and instead climb on double track, this cuts at least 5 or 10 minutes off the lap times.

A couple shots from the top of Powderhorn Ski Area. You climb up and over this between the two major sections of singletrack. Note the Copper Peak Ski Flying Hill in the background. I locked my keys in my car down there on Tuesday night after the group ride. Had to ride home from there, which includes up and over Powderhown. I made it just before dark and called AAA in the morning. When I got down to the car, again after riding a bunch of singletrack and 10 miles on the road, my car door had been propped open with my shorts and there was no locksmith to be seen... Lot of trust out there.

Bob was kind enough to let me borrow one of his Kayaks. Here he is driving his "Jeep" leading me out to the best place to put in.

I basically just went up a couple rivers and lazed around. Looking forward to going back and going for a longer trip.

Makes me want to buy a Kayak and paddle some of the rivers around here... I think I'm going to look into it.

Last couple photos from Ironwood area- Black River Harbor and my favorite Gill-Net Tug.

Next stop is the Keweenaw

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