Stomach Flu

Riley had it early last week, Kim later in the week. My turn, laid up big time Saturday into Sunday.  No fun at all since it was family Christmas over in Wisconsin.  Putting me off my plan for riding, still feel like I'm in a bit of a fog!  Did get out for a hike last night through gamehaven to check out the uber cold, wish I'd brought my bike, but my hiking partner can't stay on the straight and narrow of winter singletrack real hot.

So, I had committed to 50 hours on the fatbike before Triple D and I'm admittedly almost there.  Partly, I'm ahead of the game because there is a whole extra week before Triple D than I'd thought when I made that plan (shows how loose my plans are, I guess).  I guess I'll have no problem getting that 50 in, probably more.

The question though...  do laid up with flu sick days count as rest?