new beginning/taking advice from the onion

ROCHESTER, MN—In an effort to help working individuals improve their fitness and well-being, experts at the Mayo Clinic issued a new set of health guidelines Thursday recommending that Americans stand up at their desk, leave their office, and never return. “Many Americans spend a minimum of eight hours per day sitting in an office, but we observed significant physical and mental health benefits in subjects after just one instance of standing up, walking out the door, and never coming back to their place of work again,” said researcher Claudine Sparks, who explained that those who implemented the practice in their lives reported an improvement in mood and reduced stress that lasted for the remainder of the day, and which appeared to persist even into subsequent weeks. “We encourage Americans to experiment with stretching their legs by strolling across their office and leaving all their responsibilities behind forever just one time to see how much better they feel. People tend to become more productive, motivated, and happy almost immediately. We found that you can also really get the blood flowing by pairing this activity with hurling your staff ID across the parking lot.” Sparks added that Americans could maximize positive effects by using their lunch break to walk until nothing looks familiar anymore and your old life is a distant memory.

-Verbatim from the Onion (original article can be found here)

Tonight is my last full night at the Mayo Clinic.  I've fallen off on blogging recently as things have just gotten out of control time wise but that does not diminish the importance this blog has had in my life, or at least the things for which it serves as a record.  When I started blogging I had just begun to ride.  I was looking for something and had no clue what it was.  Over the years cycling has already taken me so many places.


and here

and no where

 I started repairing carbon fiber parts nearly 4 years ago now.  I've been lucky enough to be able to carve out enough of a niche doing so that I am feeling great about making the leap.

I certainly never expected to work in the bike industry.  Frankly, I still don't feel like I do, even if it has been paying a decent chunk of the bills for a while.  I always had an idea what the bike industry was like and if you've followed my blog for long you know I never really liked it.  Maybe I was always wrong.  There are certainly still things going on that I don't like to see on a very macro level, but on an individual level people are seriously awesome.  It's impossible not to be grateful for that.

There are a lot of things I hope to have more time to do and tons of things I hope to be able to give my wife more time to do.  And although 40 hours a week seems like a lot of time but I'm sure it will go fast.  Totally stoked about attending group rides, the local Tuesday night bar ride, Tuesday night races in the Twin Cities etc. etc..  I'll be getting to spend a lot more time with this little person too.  Tired of having to tell her I'm going to work.  She always responds with "Daddy works hard".


Gravel Conspiracy 2014/Health

I have no pictures.  Almost not worth putting anything up with zero pictures.  Have to post something if only to tell you that you should do this event next year.  Seriously.

This was a bit different thing for me than the last couple of years.  Lots of endurance riding over the summer and these stages were looking a bit less like tests of endurance and more like tests of speed.  After studying the routes I had a good idea of my time goals/pace for each stage.  Keeping up with those timelines became a major battle with the persistent headwind over the weekend.  The only one I really 'missed' was day 1 because of a road that didn't really exist where I stopped, looked around and left a huge 'tree arrow' to help others.  The stages took me 3:48 (with approximately 20 minutes of screwing around), 6:50 and 2:58.  So, a handful of minutes faster than what my pretty aggressive goal times were (3:30, 7, 3).  Feel great about that.

I'm going to race this weekend for the first time since before the Almanzo.  Could have virtually any fitness level and a couple of CX races will certainly expose whatever that level might be.

My health continues to be less of a problem.  I still have some days where I think I've gotten it wrong, but if I stick to the foods which I know are OK things seem all positive.  I have lost 12 lbs since March primarily on mexican, BBQ, thai, steak and french fries.  CX requires a lot of power at times, but also has many punchy accelerations and climbs.  Who knows!  Regardless, I'm looking forward to having fun this fall.  Hopefully building momentum which will allow me to train much more again next year and build on the base I redeveloped over the summer while not racing.


Home to Copper Harbor

Folks were going to be at Copper Harbor for singlespeed USA.  I figured if I took Friday off and left early I would be able to ride there before noon on Sunday (11 am Eastern) then hop a ride back.  


Add your own dramatic romanticism

I went on a long ride yesterday.  Kim was working in central Wisconsin so I got the chance to spend the day headed that way.  It started great, then it got really hot and the wind was 20 mph from the wrong direction.  It ended with rain and an A&W where my helmet was seemingly stolen.  I tried to stay relatively efficient (except for between 2 and 7 pm in the heat where I just tried to stay alive) and didn't take many pictures, but here you go!

 North end of Rochester by sunrise
 Pretty gravel between Hammond and Red Wing
 Guess I'm rerouting a bit...
 El Paso, WI
 UFO Days!
 Not only is there plenty of gravel in Wisconsin (contrary to the belief of many( there are also roads made of compressed sand
 I'm smiling? but this was the low point of the day...  pavement, into the wind, 12ish mph and not fun
 Where that stupid paved road took me
Not exactly sunset, but this was as close as I got to a sunset picture.

Looks like I may get an opportunity to put up a bigger number as early as this Friday.