Barn Hockey Rink

We have a structurally sound, but sort of useless barn on our property.  It's not a proper "barn" the way most picture barn architecture but more of an early "pole shed", at least in architectural style, made from wood.  When we moved in it didn't even have a large enough door to put a trailer or store a boat in it or anything.  We put a huge sliding door on the far end last year and I built a large dog indoor/outdoor dog kennel down there as well.  Anyways, most of it has just been storage for us.  A lot more storage than we really needed.  It was a pretty big mess.  Here is a photo of it from down near the dog kennel.

It was built in 1950 and originally had a series of pens for chickens in it.

I got it into my head that we should turn it into a hockey rink for the winter.  The issue with having ice in a yard or whatever is always maintaining it, right?  But if we did it in the barn it wouldn't snow on it!  Plus it would be protected from the wind etc. etc.

What you really can't see there is just how much of a pain it was to level the fllor out with a shovel and rake.  We had planned to have someone dump gravel in the future and to bring in a skid steer at that point.  I was in a hurry and did it by hand (in about 6 hours).  The frame is 4" sewer and drain pvc.

The liner is just two layers of the thickest plastic we could find at Fleet Farm.

I added about half the water first then let it freeze.  I've since added a few thinner layers on the top after filling it all the way.  It's about 3" deep at the close end and 6" at the other.

I wired up some speakers and christmas lights and we've been out there about twice a week since.

Here is a quick video of Riley at just over 3 years old.  This was the second time she ever skated by herself (with her walker).  The first try was about 1 minute previous.  Prior to this I've carried her around a lot letting her get used to how the ice feels under her feet.  She likes to ride on her little slide while I push it around the ice and plays hockey from her knees with a cut down stick. 

The slide which shows the rink a little bit better too-

And another after a couple more practice attempts (still on her first night of standing alone)-

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