2016 Untitled

Facebook sent me a bunch of posts I'd made "on this day" in the past.  I've had a lot of fun on January 31st!  The Untitled ride was always great, when it happened.  Of course, it kind of died out because two years ago it was -15 or whatever and no one can really ride 5 or 6 hours safely in those temperatures (or is going to drive just to do so with me).

Anyways, this weekend I was supposed to race in a one hour fatbike race (cx style laps/bell) on Saturday and then go to the bike swap.  I wound up staying home both days and riding 4 hours each day.  Three days this week I was lucky enough to ride for a while, sit down and eat lunch, ride home.  I guess that was my version of the untitled.

Soon here I'll have a newborn at home and I may not get to do that as much for a while.  I still hope to race quite a bit this spring though.  We will see, I guess.

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