Olson Family Vacation (Five-0 part 2)

Yeah, I'm not an Olson.

Was grateful to ride along with Trevor and Karlene for the Dakota Five-0. Thanks to them I was able to save some gas $, a lot of potential time spent behind the wheel and have some great company for the ride. Trevor's brother, his brother's wife and Trevor's parent's would all be meeting us out there. I was going to be a sort of 7th wheel. Little did I know that would mean I'd wind up with such great company, race support and virtually all my meals fresh cooked for me. THANKS!


Karlene got super excited about the giant Green Giant before we even really got going

Trevor drove the whole way there while I slept

We ate Mongolian Grill Friday night

I never had to pay for camping because I just slept in the open under the easy-up

Everybody got out and pre-rode together from the 4th aid station (some amazing views and good times at group ride pace)

On Monday Trevor got horrible gas (to the point of clearing out large area, OUTDOORS)

My gas was about as bad

We ate all the Prime Rib we could at a Casino buffet in Deadwood for Trevor's birthday (certainly not related to the gas)

Trevor's birthday presents- Canada themed!

The whole crew climbed Mt. Theodore Roosevelt despite 40 degree temperatures, 40 mph winds and hail

We drove to the top of the ski area which was just about as high as Mt. Theodore Roosevelt

We camped in a corral Monday night (so where are the tent sites? o, there aren't any... but you guys can have the WHOLE corral)

The corral was basically a part of this- http://www.1880town.com/1880town.html

We got all excited to go on a "virtual, guided tour of the homestake mine" but then got sniped by about 50 AARP members who had called ahead

Trevor's Mom got pretty worried about a LOT of things

We never got close to running out of good beer

http://www.senorwiener.com/ (even if we didn't make it there)

Trevor drove the whole way back while I slept

I'm very grateful that I was allowed to tag along.

It was also nice to see a lot of other rider friends who were out there. Had a great time at the after race parties. Epic bike pile, interesting peanut fight, too many PBRs (what kind of a bar sells beer by the case, and for $1 a beer).

sorry for the incredible lack of images from all the other stuff

Can't wait to go back next year

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  1. didn't know you went out. My son and I were considering it...I went to Pitch Black Single Track instead and he trained for his 100 mile trial run.
    will have to discuss the next time we meet.
    good riding with you this weekend as well.