trying this differently- Giant OCR repair/build


That pretty much sums up my ride. After sending my Look to paint I got a little antsy. I also was realizing how many of my skills from working on cars/car audio transferred to carbon repair. Then I remembered this interesting frame that was hanging in one of the local bike shops. $100 later I had the frame/fork/misc. goodies home. 2 days later I was 100k from home on it and snapping pictures by the river. Wound up riding Rochester, plainview, minneiska, elba, whitewater on home. Check out the mmr gravel pics!

This bad boy has a ton of tire clearance and pretty much rules. My new backup road bike and very likely my go to gravel race bike. Parts are all the stuff I've been rocking on the Look... so ultegra/force level.

I've already ridden this OCR about 240 miles including to 2nd place in the 4/5 crit at the southside crits yesterday. I'll be racing it again today too. Can't wait to get the Look put back together, but sure is nice having something like this to fall back on.

Here's one last picture (in gravel trim)

For what it's worth that seatpost/stem have been swapped out to something more pleasing to the eye (and which allowed me to shift my position on the bike slightly more forward). The wheels have also been painted gloss black. They are my Zipp 404s/dt240s that I've been racing on for almost everything within the last year.

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  1. That year/level of OCR was the very first road bike I had. I stuck over 4K miles on it and loved it. Alas, looking back, it would probably make a great gravel bike, but it never had the snap that my Tarmac does. Enjoy it!