Cervelo R3 SL and Jamis Nova Pro carbon frame repairs

Cervelo was done for more or less an actual customer.  It had been in a low speed car accident and needed minor repairs in two locations on the headtube and a major repair on the non-drive side seat stay.  I wound up having to change the paint scheme a bit in order to make things easy on myself (3-tone jobs are beyond me...  I'll be sending anything more complex than this to my friend Lin who did my Look).

before shots (did take some pictures of just the carbon work, but they aren't on this computer right now.   We all know what they look like anyways)

I think it turned out pretty decent.

I also did a Jamis for Trevor Olson.  I've been bugging him to ride more cyclocross for about a year now and this will pretty much mean that he has to!  I believe it will be built with Ultegra 6700.

This one had a cracked drive-side stay.  I had to remove the cable stop, make repair and then re-bond the stop onto the frame. 

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