Gravel Conspiracy recap part I: pictures

 More to come about this map here...

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Bikes in front of Bearskin lodge after day 1

 kitchen in Bearskin Lodge room
 back area/porch
 This party was clearing up quick due to rain
 Group early on Day 2
 It rained for a long time, no pictures!  here is me at a lake I never should have gone to
 more or lake
 at this point it was scenic and "ok", it got worse
 see my arrow?  I'm on the purple line
 same position as in the one above
 Everyone made it in safely and here is a bit of day 3
 a ton of this on day 3

 we had a couple hours of what felt like steady descending!

 Lake Superior!  First view in a couple of days...  this is when I knew I was finishing

 Race, Ride, Tour call it what you will... (in a way it was all of those things) these were the two fastest finishers bikes.

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