second day (fourth ride?) on the Mongoose Beast...

91% of the fun 9% of the cost?

Lots of real singletrack today, some deep mud going in and out of my favorite river...

Just me riding so no action shots on the Beast

A couple sections of 6-8" deep slushy snow and some pavement.  I still haven't taken the time to count the teeth on the cog as I've been having too much fun riding, but I had no issues pushing it today.  That said, any significant rise means standing.

The handling is truly great.  My ideas about fatbike geometry are significantly 'off' from what some manufacturers are building but to my way of thinking the quick/agile front end and the stable/slack seat post is great.  I only wish the stays were much much shorter.  This bike also has a much lower bottom bracket than my custom.

I'm happy enough with the fit etc., that my only plans at this point are to drill the rims.

Some people have been saying bad things about the tires online-  I believe due to the price.  The tires are great.  I have light larry's and husker du's and they are what they are and so are these...  these are appropriate for 'real' use and fit the bike right.

No idea when I'll get around to modifying the rims.

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  1. For anyone interested, go to www.ratrodbikes.com for more pics and opinions. Those guys know how to have fun with bikes.