Total lack of fun means no blog posts

As most of you know I've been sick.

I had some nasty symptoms and some nagging symptoms.  I wasn't able to ride much for a really long time. I couldn't even ride to work, but was still trying to race cyclocross.  I would get a ride to work from Kim with my bike on the roof and just hope that after work I'd feel well enough to ride it home...  but then be forced to call for a ride after spending hours on the toilet.  And this all took place right in the middle of my favorite part of my racing calendar.  Over the last two months I've been tested for everything from a thyroid disorder to ulcerative colitis to HIV.  They tested my heart.  I told them that if my heart was degenerating fast enough that it could explain my symptoms that they may as well not test it, that I was going to die...  they insisted.

They never found anything.  At this point I'm done with it.  I've said that a through times throughout this process.  Tried to flip a switch mentally and just GET BETTER, but this time I am done.  My stomach has calmed down to a great degree.  I've been able to ride the last two days with a more or less linear relationship between my effort level and how my body feels.

Expect more blog posts.


  1. Good news your better and out riding!

  2. I know nothing about what you're going through, but my boss had a similar experience a few years ago. turned out to be a full-on gluten intolerance he developed after an bad bacterial infection. No gluten and perfect health for him now.