Driftless Dessertion: June 7th/8th and the scenic route from Stewartville to Decorah and back

We are planning to ride to Decorah and back on these two days with route similar to the following-

Day 1-

Day 2-

There are 16 climbs on the route which mapmyride has denoted as a cat 5 and 4 cat 4s with the first three of the 4s being basically back to back to back on day one.  

We have planned breakfast stop on day 1, lunch on day 1 and dinner in Decorah (hopefully).  Day 2 we will eat breakfast in Decorah, lunch at the mexican place in Fountain at mile 60ish.  

If you are interested send me an email or comment here.  This would be a good training ride for the Pasty Chase (and may in fact be harder).  We will want to work out some details.  There is potential for drop bags to be sent to Decorah, but that's up in the air.  Likely, camping that night.

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