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I went on a long ride yesterday.  Kim was working in central Wisconsin so I got the chance to spend the day headed that way.  It started great, then it got really hot and the wind was 20 mph from the wrong direction.  It ended with rain and an A&W where my helmet was seemingly stolen.  I tried to stay relatively efficient (except for between 2 and 7 pm in the heat where I just tried to stay alive) and didn't take many pictures, but here you go!

 North end of Rochester by sunrise
 Pretty gravel between Hammond and Red Wing
 Guess I'm rerouting a bit...
 El Paso, WI
 UFO Days!
 Not only is there plenty of gravel in Wisconsin (contrary to the belief of many( there are also roads made of compressed sand
 I'm smiling? but this was the low point of the day...  pavement, into the wind, 12ish mph and not fun
 Where that stupid paved road took me
Not exactly sunset, but this was as close as I got to a sunset picture.

Looks like I may get an opportunity to put up a bigger number as early as this Friday.

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