no more Jamis

Well, not exactly sad to see it go... My Komodo FX was a fun bike and served me well for the purpose and style of riding for which I built it. However, circumstances conspired in such a manner that I was able to upgrade and go in a different direction at basically no additional cost.

I picked up the El Santo as above, but with a rock shox psylo fork, xt v brakes/xtr levers, mavic crossride wheelset and a few other things PLUS the wheelset in the pictures there for $480 yesterday... Seeing as how the wheelset is worth about that, I'm obviously pretty stoked. Stoked enough that I woke up at 8 on Thanksgiving to get to work on putting it together. I basically stripped both frames bare (El Santo and Komodo II) and put all the best parts on the El Santo then cleaned everything else and listed it on ebay.
I will post a review of the El Santo after I ride it tomorrow. For now, let's just say it is light and quick, even with that monster fork on it (it IS adjusted down to 115mm of travel though).

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