slacking on posting- but not much else

Pictures don't nearly say it all, but they are worth a lot of words eh?
Bike stuff-
marin as above! 42/20 is magic gear, also ordered salsa cromoto fork for winter and singleator for when I need different gearing. decided I had to thrash it this winter once I realized the swamp things fit so well.
el santo (first off- if you don't know what it means wikipedia it)- I swapped to a manitou minute 3 with travel adjust and about a 1.2 lb savings. Still hoping to swap to shimano shifters/rear derailleur at least before next spring.
winter is here, obviously. Was amazing how long it held off though. Had some great late fall rides in shorts that now seem so distant.
I had been dreading the beginning of winter for months, fall was such good riding I didn't want it to end. Now that it's here I'm nothing but excited. I've gotten excited about winter riding and decided to enter the north shore winter ultra... haven't decided which length yet though.
Huge props to Chris S. for his continued efforts to organize and create a community here in Rochester! The micro cross races are awesome and I've already met people and gotten to do things I never expected because of your efforts.
Last Sunday I went for a long solo ride on gravel/pavement. It was the first "winter" road riding I've done and probably means a lot about how serious I'm trying to be. It was pretty brutal riding that heavy ass monocog with the studs 65 miles, but I had "the joy" for the last 20-30 minutes of the ride in a way I haven't felt it since the last few minutes at maplelag (when I knew I was having a "breakthrough" race.
Another great ride was heading out from Cannon Falls with a group and riding gravel/cvt out to Welch and back. Had a great time ripping up Dud's Dream on the Monocog... if you know what I mean.
Other than that it's been a lot of medium but longish training rides and riding with Eric. Very little time on the trainer thus far. I did get to almost 17 hrs last week though...
More soon, hopefully.

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