my "own" rescue

rather than continuing the riveting story below (it's really over at that point anyways) I figured I'd mention my new friend "Balls". I'm not only thinking of him because he is sitting here helping me type, but also because he is pretty much awesome. He was also the first addition who was initiated by me...
I found him at Eastwood after one of the mini-cx practice races, he watched from the parking lot. He was so eager to see people and get attention that I was sure he was someones cat, but he seemed too far from any houses for me to feel comfortable leaving him. Decided to bring him home for the night and then deal with hopefully finding his owner or whatever in the AM. Long story short was unable to find anyone who would claim him. Over the next couple of weeks he hung out in the house and we tried to find friends who wanted a kitty and still looked for his "owner". His ability to be outgoing and sociable while quickly adapting to life in our house, with 5 (7?) other animals was impressive. This was particularly true when it was becoming more and more obvious that he was "just a stray". I particularly grew fond of the way he would always come see me when I got home from work and join me on the couch. Long story short my (our) efforts to find him a new home sort of tailed off after I realized how awesome he was. Laura and I couldn't agree on a name for him for quite a while... then Laura started calling him Balls and it caught on. He did, at that point, have his balls intact. It's a bit odd having a Balls and a Dickie in one household, but I suppose it was the inevitable result of having a Dickie at all (although, and this is an aside... Dickie happens to be one of my favorite names of all time and was in no way meant to be a joke nor reference the obvious Dick 'n' Balls combo such as we now have. I just wanted to give him a proper "English" name because his original name was Basil and he just looked "proper). Eventually, I had my mind made up that we needed to keep the little guy. I kept that to myself for a little while, not wanting to appear weak to Laura... but after a while it sort of became apparent I'm sure. Last week we had him neutered and brought up to speed with vaccinations.

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