preparations have been made

Time to head off and meet Laura and the others to ring in the new year. Have all my gear laid out, my custom cue cards organized, my bike ready to go, my back-up plans ready to be initiated. Plan to set the alarm for 6:30 am tomorrow and head out down the 2009 Almanzo course regardless of what the day brings. Wallow not in sorrow shall I, the untimely demise of the North Shore Winter Ultra only provided this new and more worthy opportunity. What better way to truly ring in the new year than to ride a bike from day break to dusk (or possibly much longer), alone, with single digit temperatures at best.

I told Laura not to tell anyone I was doing this and certainly didn't tell many others. You know how I feel about the "normal" people and their "wind chill", their "it's too cold for snowboarding", their "there is nothing to do in Rochester"... THEIR WHINING ABOUT HOW HARD IT IS TO SINGLESPEED...

fret for your latte my small minded friends- the floods they are a comin'

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