Great birthday weekend so far!

Long ride detailed below Thursday...

Relaxing Friday night with Laura where we actually made food together for once!

Dinner with my Dad and Laura for my birthday yesterday at the Green Mill. Then Dad and I talked about my cycling goals and plans. We formulated my training plan (or I should say lack of a training plan- I shall follow my heart, heh). Then Laura and I watched Michigan State/Illinois basketball followed by "hot dog"... the stuff that comes on the TV sure is different when I'm totally in charge for that one day a year!

Today I got on the road (Monocog, 38x18, 12-15 mph winds, 15 degrees) about 9 and wound my way out through Byron to Pine Island and then back down to Rochester. I hit up Tinn's for a cheesesteak at mile 52, ate way too much, and it took me almost the rest of the way home to get enough of it digested to work hard. In the end I rode 63.4 in 4:45. Now I get to take a nap and watch the super bowl.

Spoke to my brother yesterday and his surgery seems to have gone well. His knee was still numb from medication so hopefully he isn't in too much pain today or tomorrow as it begins to try to heal. I'd imagine that 3rd of 4th day would be the worst if any of them are bad. More importantly the operation was successful and went off without problems or complications.

I'm picking the Colts by 14, but will cheer for Saints.

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