I dreamed last night that I was on a long ride with Guitar Ted in which all of my friends were tagging along in cars. Each time we stopped in a city (Vancouver, Mexico City, New Delhi) they would pop up out of no where and try to get me drunk and to party with them. Each city was also becoming more and more dangerous and I was more afraid of losing track of Guitar Ted and the "ride" to the next one than anything else, but at each stop another one of the "partyers" either had their posessions stolen or were thrown in jail. The ride ended when after riding threw a sandy back-alley full of "untouchables" I found myself directly in the middle of a super ghettofied walmart checkout area (sand floors, beggars, creatures with too many limbs) and a voice over said, "this walmart is 7 times larger than the previous record holder in Mexico City".

I think I'm losing it.

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