BALLS weekend- more to come

Had a great time down there! Things certainly could have gone differently with the weather (and my getting sick this month), but I'm 100% glad I made the choice to do this instead of TI this year. Huge props to everyone who did take the line though... and particularly those who were still riding when it was "called". I'm sure I would not have made it that far.

Just about everything about this weekend is worth writing about- but I'm still not even unpacked. What stood out for me was how well the format/course worked for a wide range of riders, the great time that everyone seemed to be having (even when suffering in the sandy crap or the wind), the cabins and the fire we had Saturday night, how freaking amazing the blue mounds mountain bike course is and of course the 60-90 minutes I spent fixing flats due to trying to ride on a bald hutchinson pirhana which kept picking up sharp gravel.

I'll hopefully be able to steal some pictures that someone else took. I never took my camera out for some reason.

For now I need to get unpacked and to sleep. I'm feeling pretty good for going over 200 miles the last 3 days and am hoping to do some recovering out at Eastwood tomorrow. I know I've got a long ways to go bike-handling wise if I want to be competitive out there in the "50".

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