well, here's what I've got going on right now

antibiotics seem to be working, may actually be able to ride this weekend and not suck! If I recover here quickly now that I've finally got on something I will regret not convincing them I was really sick sooner, but that's how the Mayo clinic rolls... super conservative with medecine.


lay back post is flipped forward and seat is way back in the rails... not exactly ideal, but it's in the "right" spot now for my knees. I will need a different stem asap as well with a touch more rise and 10mm longer. Will have a better idea of the bike after the group ride tomorrow.


  1. What's with the bike? Is this in addition to your custom gravel rig?

  2. long story short-

    custom bike not done... has been postponed enough that I decided to pull the trigger on this. This will serve my needs for as long as it needs to, then become an awesome SS commuter when it is done (or I may just sell it).

    Much of this build kit is made up from the parts intended for that build- hence the "wrong" seatpost.

    I am still hopeful that I will have the other bike by the time I "need" it, but I'm also excited about this one.

    thanks for asking


  3. Yeah, that seatpost looks like one of those goofy tri (not to be confused with Tri, although he is goofy as well) bikes. How far behind the BB is the tip of your saddle? It seems odd that you need a forward post.

    Looks like canti's as well, with road spacing. Does this render your quiver of wheelsets unusable for this bike?

    'Cross bikes are cool though.

  4. The seatpost is forward flipped but the saddle is as far back on the rails as is possible. Wouldn't you get the same result by reversing the two? Back flip with forward saddle?

  5. If I had a 0 offset post then the saddle would just need to sit about 5mm forward in the post. Howevever, the adjusting range that is within "spec" on the saddle is only about 30 or so mm (15 forward or 15 back). In other words, if I flip the post the other way it moves 40mm due to it's 20mm lay back. Thus there is a 10mm or so gap between the positions allowed.

    The tip of the saddle is roughly 10mm less than on my Mamasita, but the saddle is also a bit longer. I forgot the actual number, but both are in the 4-4.5" range, I believe?

    I've actually decided (after riding it about 135 miles this weekend) that the stem/bar position is ideal and that I should try moving the seat back 5-8mm and have already ordered a new post in order to be able to do so. With my chondromalacia in my left knee a relatively forward seating position seems to help keep me completely pain free.

    The bike came with a pretty nice wheelset- nice mavic wheels on ultegra hubs... however, I've been riding it with my tubular cross (135mm spacing) wheelset stuffed into it. It fits with relative ease- although I'm not sure whether or not that is an intelligent route to take???