sense of foreboding

Had a pretty good Eastwood Tuesday race yesterday- could have been better, but overall very happy.

Worked a true "split-shift" today such that I got a 5 hr lunch in the middle... and thus was able to attend the Wednesday night bicycle sports group ride on my Kona. Felt the strongest yet- but still burned myself up by attacking just about every climb. It was pretty cool that there was a group to push on me all the time (who also weren't way faster than me, heh).

Had to grab a quick dinner and got a stomache ache prior to returning to work. Then security came and yelled at me for bringing my bike into the building- "don't you know there are bike racks?"... "sorry sir, I normally use them. In fact I did just this morning, but I had this thing tonight and rode a bike I'm scared of having stolen". In the end he let me keep it here until my shift is over for the night. This was about an hr ago and I still have this nasty feeling that's not going away... was feeling pretty great about my riding and progress and now just feel "off" about everything.

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