Been resting a lot (other than the debacle that ensued when I tried to race Saturday). Realistically last night's TT was my first ride since the River Falls race last week.

We rode the same 18.9 mile course, but the conditions were a bit more difficult with a nasty wind that always seemed to be hurting. There also weren't quite so many riders out. I put in a good effort, but couldn't quite bring myself to really lay it out there. I kept asking myself what I was saving my energy for? In the end though I was only about 90 seconds slower than last week AND I didn't kill myself to do it. My legs feel stronger already this morning, hopefully that can be a good kick-start back into activity.

After the TT I quickly said my thanks and good byes to the "tri folks" and headed downtown to Dooley's for a "cruiser ride". The plan was to get some food and some beers and hit a few of the local bars. It was great to see everyone and fun to ride around. As per the usual (on group rides anyways) I flatted- I don't think the thin rubber rim strip is enough to protect the tube from the 140 spokes per wheel on that beast... bring on the gorilla tape! The highlights of this would definitely be the riding and Chris Skogen wearing his Almanzo kit in the Northstar Bar during Tuesday Poker Night. Quite the crowd.

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