two rides today

am- 65 mile road ride. Most of the "usuals" showed up. Tons of wind made for a challenge. Felt like I got a great workout in. Highlights- riding back downwind at 32-35 mph, winning both contested sprints (again was able to jump by Dan due to lucky positioning/timing), realizing once again how awesome it is to have the new bike.


pm- Stagecoach mtb- rode the rigid SS marin with Joe and Neil etc.. Spent an hr sitting at the teepee, two hrs clearing trail and maybe 90 minutes actually riding. Highlights- falling on my face on the sidehill, falling on my face after bunnyhopping a downed tree at least 40" in diameter and riding a bit of a nose-wheelie, watching Neil fall over into the mud in the stream crossing and then riding through it/splashing him (had to go the "wrong" way and ride through a lot of water/mud in order to do it). The dogs had an awesome time too.

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