Triple D

Just got word from the boss and it looks like I'll be hitting Dubuque with an entourage. No matter how the race goes, and I'll be decidedly at the mercy of the weather rocking 2.25 tires, the entire weekend should be a great time. I've got a great start on the requisite beard.

No posts the lasts few weeks. Been getting out on the bike quite a bit though. Think I have around 300 miles on the Nokians and somewhere less than that (but north of 240) on the nexus hub. I don't really try to keep track of mileage so much this time of year instead relying on keeping track of hours- it's depressing averaging 9 or 11 or 13 mph or whatever the conditions allow. I even deliberately covered my computer up with my bar mitts. I have been making almost every commute by bike and I have stretched a lot of those commutes out to 2 or 3 hours. I feel good riding- Knee feels better now with the gears, ice/snow covered roads and paths have been pushing and improving my handling skills, and generally things are good. I've even hit the trainer for 7 or 8 hrs (I've got the Mamasita on there for now).

Motivation has been high. EXTREMELY happy with the current setup on the Kona. It is perfect winter bike for mixed conditions and is simply enjoyable to ride. It's fun on gravel, fun on snow, fun jumping off curbs, fun riding up steps and comfortable for hours on end. Was worth the 'cost' of keeping the frame (rather than selling on ebay) and the other new bits I added just for the motivation it's given me. Nothing else I own or have owned would have worked as well this winter than this bike.

Christmas has come and gone. Good times seeing the family and some friends. I think I did ok with the gift giving, it seems people were happy. I was lucky enough to get some nice bike stuff which I'll probably post more about as I get it installed.

First snowy single track race is on the 9th. Hoping to get some others from Rochester to make the trip with me. Figuring I'd better go to get a feel for the Mamasita before Triple D. Also plan on making a few snowmo trail rides too (but it sucks that I'll feel compelled to drive to the trailhead in order to do so. I've been trying hard to avoid the car).

Somewhat related- I will end the year with almost exactly 90 commutes totalling 1200 miles. Next year I hope to get up in the 130-140 range. I think commuting is good for my riding and my spirits in ways that are hard to measure.

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