least epic century ever

Wasn't even a "real" century... just a metric. Intention was to go for a 4 or 5 hr ride in the am, but was too lazy to get up before noon. New plan was made to go for a 3 or 4 hr gravel ride. Possibly down to Chatfield and back. Wednesday night I had offered to give one of the guys from CORP a 32t bashguard for the cost of shipping (figured I didn't need it anymore). I had intended to ship it on whenever I went to the post office otherwise, but received an email from him that he really would appreciate getting it ASAP. So plan C... ride to the post office and mail that out.

HARD pace on the way down there. Kept the average up around 15.5 despite the snow covered trails and gravel. Again, felt lazy (weird)... so just looped home after sending it along. Total mileage 33.

At home I ate and showered, played with dogs, rested an hr. Back on the bike with 2 hrs before I had to be into work. Rode about every bit of "plowed" trail in Rochester and half of it twice. In the end it was basically all the way to Binkie's North, back down past the Post Office again (near Moffit's house) and then back to Downtown. Another 21 miles.

Four hrs of work and then back out for the return leg home. Noticed I was close to the metric century mark and figured I'd add the necessary mile or two to my commute to get it done.

All in all yesterday was fairly representative of my winter so far... very few individual rides longer than 2 hrs, but a lot of days with 2 or 3 shorter rides and a good number of hrs. Depending on exactly how you count things I've been on somewhere between 45 and 50 rides since December 1st.


  1. Slept until noon? Rested for an hour? Worked 4 hours?

    We live on different planets.

  2. It's not like I get away with only working 4 hrs ALL the time. Also, I do have to work until 1:30 then ride my bike home... often I get home later than 3am.

  3. I'm kidding. I used to do the evening shift as well.

  4. Honestly, I love it.

    I switched last summer in order to "train" more with others etc., and I'm not sure it did me any good.

    I'm relatively good at not doing the "oops I slept until I have to go back to work thing", so long as I don't drink excessively.