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Keweenaw chain drive is June 18th. It is the beginning of the part of the year in which I intent to focus on XC type riding. It is also the same weekend as trans-wisconsin.

I had a ton of fun last year doing long rides. I have been thinking about when to tour/ride etc. this year while also trying to accomplish my goals of keeping my job and riding fast in a variety of disciplines.

The time I spent up at Wolverine Lodge in Ironwood was also pretty good and a perfect way to refocus myself toward the change in pace within my year of riding (endurance to xc). They have some awesome group rides up there and plenty of cool places to ride too.

So- What if I can find a ride with someone up to the Chain Drive, race, then adventure back home. I could spend some time on the upper, upper pensinsula camping, maybe spend a night in a hotel in Houghton and ride their trails, take 2 days to get back down to Ironwood, spend a couple days in Ironwood at the Wolverine Lodge, ride through Cable (Cheq 100 course basically in reverse?), then hightail it the rest of the way over to the Mississippi and on down to Red Wing and finally home. Can I fit all that into 7 or 8 days? Or would it be worth the effort to stretch it to 10 or 11 days if that meant I could ride up there on the way to the race?

I know that would be the right way to cap off the endurance portion of my year. I'd then rest a week, train a bit and start my main XC season the same week I did last year at the Eau Clair WORS race.

Want to come with?

EDIT- I took the week off previous to this. I'll be starting off on this trip after either the Wausaw WORS race of the Dirty Benjamin. Will have the 11th-27th free. Should be fun.

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  1. Drew,

    I've done the Chaindrive and a guy like you would eat it up. The single track is easy, and there is a lot of wide open trail.

    Houghton is a great town for mtn bikers. There is enough trail to ride for days and never ride the same trail.

    You wont be sorry for the long drive up there.

    Keep an eye out for bears,