this bear can wait

I'm not really feeling the same. I'm sort of second guessing my plans for next year. Dreaming about just riding places. I can remember how badly I wanted to go fast in XC races etc. later in the year and how I spent part of the summer wishing I'd moved in that direction earlier... but now I'm not so sure. Part of me just wants to use all my PTO and money to go "bikepacking" 2 or 3 times for as long as I can. One thing is for sure- I'm excited about riding.


  1. I am going to ride the Divide route from Canada to Mexico in ~30 days in 2012. Touring, not racing, at about 100 miles per day, camping the whole way. Come with!

    Brian D.

  2. I doubt I can swing that- but just the thought/possibility got me to decide to pull the trigger on a couple more gear items that might make something like this possible.