Giant 980c commuter- follow up to Look 585 Review

New road bike/commuter. Absolutely loving it! Much better ride quality and handling than I'd expected. Picked it up for less than $200 and then sold a couple campagnolo and dura-ace parts off of it to get the cost down to about $0. Still has an awesome Suntour crankset, Cinelli stem/bars etc. etc.. Love the lugged carbon technology, love the look. Impressed with the quality of the shifting with friction down-tube shifters/10 speed--- with the 10 speed shifting is extremely smooth and easy with very minimal trimming needed.

There is the Look 585 sitting in my garage the night before the Almanzo.

I've now ridden it a few thousand miles in all sorts of conditions and events. All the way from the Almanzo in the mud to road races. It's the most comfortable bike I've ridden and at the same time it transfers the most power to the ground of any bike I've ridden. Remember back to when I was going to get that custom gravel bike and I wanted something light and fast with "road type" geometry... well, I found it. Don't know what else to say- buy/ride something similar if you get a chance.

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