Health stuff (once again)- Royal caught up

Total system failure over the weekend.

I felt pretty good after the Royal and pushed things way too hard- rest weeks cannot consist of staying out late drinking and/or riding.

By Friday I decided I felt like I wasn't quite recovered yet and would skip the Freewheel Frolic on Saturday. Instead I would ride with Trevor and Karlene up to the WORS race in Rhinelander, camp and race Sunday.

Put all thoughts of "sick" out of my mind (what choice did I have... I was already in Rhinelander) until about midway through the 2nd lap when it hit me that I had a pounding headache, some dizzyness and generally felt much worse than expected. I also only had access to about 3 gears on the rear after bending my hanger. I shut it down and decided to live to fight another day. Good thing too, I've felt pretty crappy the last two days. Even having trouble sleeping due to all the nasal drainage etc..

I should have known to rest more/better. I also should have known to start doing nasal flushes right from the start. For whatever reason they work wonders for me (finally started last night and already feel a whole lot better)! I can breath through both nostrils now and have banished the dizzy feeling. Really grateful that I'm feeling a bit better, a protracted illness right now would be a disaster. Almost pushed the beach cruiser to it's limits on the way down here to work.

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