Almanzo Gentleman's Ride 2011

I enjoyed every minute of my day out there.

The course was as beautiful and challenging as ever. I know it well at this point, but it still captures my attention and challenges me each time I ride it. The fresh gravel, changing seasons, wind conditions etc. can have a huge impact on the "feel" of things out there.

It was a privilege to ride on a team with such great guys (Tim Werts, Andrew Folpe, Sam St. Pierre) and to have a common goal together. Things didn't always go perfectly, but we endured and supported. In the end we finished in just under 6.5 hours including stops. We maybe spent a little too much time stopped and a little too much time working out how to work together, but I think we were all pleased with our overall performance). I know I left most everything out there.

More events should be run with this type of format. I had a few conversations with riders at the finish with regards to the format and the course and we all expect to see many more strong teams out there next year. This even is ideally placed in the calendar for a lot of riders whos seasons are otherwise winding down, many of whom don't yet know about our ride. Hopefully that will change.
Maybe some pictures added later.  Check out Almanzo.com for more.

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