Can't complain too much about extra money, but I've been hit with a lot of busyness the last week or so.  Laura is off exploring the West with her sister which has left me in charge of all 7 animals, work is asking/allowing me to work 12 hour days, football is back, my bikes need work, things are popping with the Almanzo, we've listed $5k worth of bike parts one bay, I'm stuck 85% of the way done with a frame repair, my deck is half powerwashed and I'm sleeping 5 hours a night.

Luckily, I've also managed to ride my bike a bit.  Saturday's group ride saw a large pack of us hitting the Spring Valley donut shop en route to Iowa.  Most notable about that ride was that the wind was exactly as strong in the exact opposite direction as during the Royal 162...  meant it was hard work getting down there and quite easy coming back, a welcome difference!  Almost convinced the roadies to stop by Royal's grave.

Can't wait for the Heck of the North.  I'm starting to see the roads when I shut my eyes.  Feel the cold of the start line.  Consider my strategy.  Consider the fact that I maybe, just maybe, feel strong enough to actually need or deserve a strategy.

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