learning to run, learning to walk part 1- chondromalacia and running, teaching dogs to walk on a leash

I haven't run more than a few steps for 26 months. Dickie has never learned to walk. Yesterday we began. Me with new knee strap/brace, flat shoes and a lot of patience. Dickie with his new "Gentle Leader" to remind him to stay with me. We drove down the hill to the beginning of the gravel, god knows I shouldn't run downhill, and we set off down the road. We ran some and walked some. Initially, my steps were slow and his movements were jerky. By the time we turned at the Boy Scout Reservoir we moved together.

My knee feels alright today, no worse for the wear. Dickie is happier to put on his harness.

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  1. careful with the running, there are a number of bikers that take issue with that...;-)