My parked car was hit by a car and I was blamed

This was left for me this summer

Apparently, someone backed into my parked car and wanted me to call them to discuss it... Like, maybe I should cover their damage for having the audacity to have a bike rack? I resisted the urge to call them and tell them where to shove it. The following morning I called from a secure/untraceable number.

Drew (Didn't give my name): Hi- I got your note. My bike rack is ok, thanks for your concern.

Tom (he signed his notes first name only): Umm, no. I'm actually quite angry with you.

Drew: what?

Tom: My car is damaged.

Drew: ...

Tom: Your bike rack sticks out at least 2 feet (this is roughly true- doesn't seem that far at all...). I had no way of seeing it.

Drew: You hit a parked car and want to blame me?

Tom: I'm a cyclist too. What you did was wrong, you should have parked elsewhere (I was parked in the back row of a large parking lot near a favorite coffee shop, there was plenty of room to get by and very few cars around. This took place between 2 and 7pm on a Wednesday)

Drew: What?

Tom: blah, blah Damage, blah.

Drew: I'm in no way liable for any damage that was caused by your hitting my parked vehicle.

Tom: blah, blah Damage, blah.

Drew: I'm in no way liable for any damage that was caused by your hitting my parked vehicle.

Tom: blah, blah, click (he hung up).

This conversation occured at approximately 11am. At 3pm I walked out to my car and found this note-

My car was parked no closer than 3 miles from where the original incident had occured and in a city of about 100k people. Even if he had figured out my employer from my parking tag it would still have only narrowed things down to a 5x20 block area full of parking ramps, meters etc.. How fucking creepy is that!? God knows what he even meant. It has been a couple months now and nothing has happened since.

Recap- Dude hit my parked car, dude wanted me to pay for his damages, I said I wasn't liable, he stalked the fuck out of me, I held the notes for a while and waited to see if anything else would happen.



  1. the guy's a dork.
    I had a guy run into me in Superior a couple summers ago. We were waiting for a train to cross, when the was lifting, but still not clear, he ran into my rack. It's the Saris cycle-on http://www.bikerackshops.com/brands/saris/hitch_bike_racks/cycle_on_pro_two_bike_tray/
    and I have stub on it to attach a single...so absolutely nothing got damaged on my rack but he had a hole the size of a baseball in his grill...he didn't blame me for his blunder and I was actually in my vehicle. he knew he was in the wrong and gave me his number in case I found something later....

  2. Wow! That guy has some big coconuts! How do you even fathom blaming a parked vehicle for hitting it? Or maybe he blames all inanimate objects. Pillars, walls, mailboxes. They are all at fault for being in his way and not being able to be seen.