offseason is going to be tough

I had a plan this year and I'm going to do my best to stick to it.  Plan was to race hard through the Chequamegon weekend and then rest in the heat, maybe race some crits,  go back into long miles of gravel/pavement/exploring mode.  Have nothing but fun during the hot part of the year.  I've already strayed...  never should have been at that TT last weekend, especially with the temperatures where they were and with only imaginary things to gain (What's the prize again for MN Cat 3 Rider if the Year?) that would require a real battle.. that maybe I already lost when I skipped races for BALLS and to race in Clear Lake, or when I just didn't go fast enough in the heat.   It's hard to walk away, but this road stuff is what it is and it isn't what I have been dreaming about all year.

I've taken the last 10 days or so almost completely off and will continue to fully rest through the majority of next week other than the southside sprint where I will only be racing once in the 1/2/3 race.  Sometime late next week I will get back into the swing of training a bit but plan to make like it's February so far as the intensity and general style of riding, except maybe get to do some mountain biking too (Memorial, Levis, LaCrosse have all been calling my name).  I will race one more bigger crit here which just looks like too much fun to skip.

I may pick up one or two mountain or road races prior to the gravel conspiracy.  That weekend will hopefully bring me right back around one more revolution up the spiral from where I was at in March.

The longterm goals-  feel as capable of aggression in the gravel races as I did prior to this wonderful weekend and then to put a point on that fitness into another late season CX push.

There you go, now I wrote it out and I'll have to stick to it, eh?

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