2012 Almanzo Gentleman's Ride- brief race recap and images

Thanks Kim for the photos-  there are lots more, but I'm partial to those that include me and people I know. 

The 'race' was brutal.  The winning four were simply stronger than hell.  My own team was also strong, but not strong enough.  We hung in for a while, gave extremely hard chase but ultimately came up short.  Once I felt we weren't going to win I struggled physically and mentally to keep the pedal down and found myself struggling to keep pace with my team for mile upon mile. 

In the end it was a great day though, it was a great day spent with friends on bicycles.  The highlight may have been heading back to the checkpoint and hanging out with some of the DFL contenders. 

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  1. Your jersey rocks. Who was on your team? Who was on the winning team?

    Strong work at the Heck...