Fatbikes, CX, Fall (it's dark in the evenings!)

Here are some pictures of what's been going on around here-

 One of the last 135mm offset bikes from last year on close-out...  not for me
 Yes, this lives.  Redoing it slacker now...  I had a feeling I wouldn't have time or interest in riding a fatbike in the summer months and this year proved me right.  Definitely excited to get it back on the road now though...  Pugnago!
 Marge Lites and more Coda hubs...  will work on either of the above bikes
 Not too long ago it was sunny and hot on my walk to Jimmy Johns for dinner
 Bird Abatement needed already-  this is the true sign of fall coming to Rochester

Probably a ton more CX pictures out there.  I raced just twice last weekend (well, 3x but I rolled a tire after two laps on Saturday in the SS race and didn't do SS Sunday at all).  I still plan to race SS and Cat 3 this coming weekend.  So far I've been 2nd, 1st, 2nd in the Cat 3 races I've entered.  I will likely move up soon.  However, I have learned valuable lessons in each race...  particularly in the losses.  In both cases looking back I know how I could have given myself much better odds of winning.  In both the races were close but neither time did I get into position to wind up my 'real' sprint due to bobbles or being in the wrong place at the wrong time etc..  There has to be some huge value in seeing how races slip away that I might not get if I were just struggling mid or back of the pack in the faster race.

Looking forward to quite a lot more CX and then fat biking!

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