Beast 3 month update

Still going very strong and I love it.

Caved to adding nicer tires in the form of 3.7 Larry's.  While I did this I also adjusted/greased the hubs.  It is truly noticeably faster.  The impetus for this was that I am moving back out of the downtown area into the country next month and anticipate a whole lot of 20 mile round trips on this bike come fall/winter.

The difference was so great after that change that I was tempted to put the stock gearing back on...  but then again, it's probably right on for winter and this...

(usually reserved for daughter-  50 lb Dickie Dog is a bit much but either way, easy gearing is good)

Overall I a continue to be seriously happy with this bike.


  1. What is a good SS fatbike gearing?

  2. Depends on how fast you want to go- summer I would run 2:1 if I were going to race. It's basically a 29er gearing wise. Winter I would go to 32x20ish, but that isn't even always going to be near easy enough.