Been far too random

Haven't put anything together racing wise since my fall in Menominee.  I suppose that kept me off the bike some, had a couple annoying mechanical issues, it got hot, I needed a week of antibiotics to clear up a sinus infection etc. etc., but I keep going to races with high expectations to ride hard and have fun only to fall somewhat short on both counts.  Won't stop now, hoping I'm building character and karma.

While I feel like I haven't 'trained' for 4-5 weeks I definitely just keep having more and more fun riding bikes.

My brother is in town briefly and we got out to Stagecoach.  After braving 2 miles of itchy crap we decided to play in the river.  Super fun!  Was pleased to find that the main singletrack out there was in good shape too...  and that my front tire waited until after the ride to flat.

 Got in a couple of half-assed moonlight kingdom criteriums.
 Beating the heat by getting wet.
 Picked up all this awesome stuff from twin 6

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