after a while off: back to the 'typical' two race wisco weekend

Loving this rack...  packing system.

We have room for at least two kids, the dog and two bikes for a weekend now...  all the while with 30+ mpg.

It was nice when I took that picture but it was HOT in Sheboygan when we got there.  Like, mid to high 80s with a ton of humidity.  Stuffed my pockets with ice and pre-rode to find that it was also super bumpy.  My Flash was in the pit and I made the decision to switch to it for the race.  A little weird being the only mountain bike on the line but when I was leading after a full lap, which was incredibly unexpected, I figured it had been the right choice.  Of course I faded and suffered in the heat but I was determined to find a pace that I could finish the hour race at and to do so.  Wound up 8th.  Overall pretty good.

Didn't stick around too long, had to get some fluids and head down to pre-ride WORS in Lake Geneva.  Probably should have skipped the pre-ride and instead got better recover food and fluids plus some rest.  As it was it was 9:45 before I was straight up raiding this place...

wondering why the gas station was spelling out how to steal their gas?

In the dark Saturday night the WORS course seemed pretty straightforward.  In the context of the race I was all over the place from the start.  My legs were just heavy and I pushed too hard to force a typical start out of them rather than just going with it.  It took me at least 45 minutes into the race before I got into any kind of a rhythm and started to find spots to breathe out there.  At that point I was back in around 30th and I was able to work my way up bit by bit the rest of the race.  Wound up 22nd but quite far back time wise.  Didn't think I had expectations other than getting a good effort in leading up to CX but can't help but want to be a bit closer to the front.  Probably a good thing, as it will give me some motivation heading to next season.  It was certainly fun to do a bit more mountain biking this year than the last couple and I expect to continue that next year as well.

Finally, recovery...

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