Bike Lockers: Commuting Level II Unlocked

Lanier parking put those in the 3rd St. ramp last week.  I'd noticed the "bikespot" logo and the pump previously and thought it was a bit odd.  I mean it was just a sign on the wall and a couple tools.  Then one day I was on my way to the same bike rack I've been using for years...

The same one I've been complaining about fighting for space, the danger of theft, my light being stolen, the parking lot security car being parked in the way of, the stupid pink 'curb cancer' garbage cans infringing upon, my friends bikes being stolen etc..  On this night, I looked to the right and saw something different.  At first I wasn't sure what they were, but as I walked down the ramp and they became clearer I got really, really excited.  I had to have one.

On Monday I put down the $5 a month for the remainder of this years billing cycle.  I was able to ride my CX bike yesterday and go on a lunch hour training ride.  I have a place to leave my shoes so I can wear my cycling shoes to work then change.  A place to let my clothes dry while I'm at work.  All that stuff is nice but it's the overall impact that can't be understated, it's like in a driving simulator video game...  I've been driving the civic they make you drive initially and this locker has unlocked the supercars.  No longer do I have to ride what sort of works but also probably won't get stolen or wrecked in the rack.  I can't remember any single event ever increasing more how excited I was to ride my bikes.

I realize a lot of this stuff is old hat to many people, especially those from 'progressive' Minneapolis, Des Moines, Iowa City, Madison, Duluth, really anywhere but Rochester.  In fact, most of my readers probably assume that my employer would have long provided it's employees with 'secure' places to put bikes, places to change near where they work etc. etc..

Get yours before they are all gone.

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  1. Nice! You're right that you would think they would have had these a long time ago. But It's a step in the right direction. And at $5 a month it's a great deal.