Just thought you should know: cat dumper


On Wednesday night you drove out of Rochester with two kittens.  You had probably been trying to give them away for a few weeks.  You knew that they were your responsibility since you had been irresponsible enough not to spay your pet.  

I know this because Thursday morning when I woke up they were high in my trees, scared out of their minds.  They came down to see me with some coaxing.  The two of them were inseparable.  They followed me as I went about my outdoor chores and work.  Here they are-

I gave them food and water, starting trying to find a home willing to take them.  They were so friendly to me, happy to follow all over through the woods.  They always stayed close.

Sometime late last night the the one on the left was caught on the ground, spooked, chased and killed.  Most likely it was one of the neighbors dogs.  Really, it was you.  These were indoor cats that obviously had not learned to hunt, protect or defend themselves.  Is that the ending you had envisioned when you drove down my gravel road?  When you were too much of a coward to take care of her or even to have her put down?  What did you expect?

Of course the blame doesn't end there.  Paws and Claws...  did they call you and ask if you had room for these cats?  I don't know, but you would have been condescending and scoffed at the notion.  You would have acted like whoever was calling was an ignorant jerk who had let their animals breed.  They should have known you were too busy and full to help them solve the problem they had created.  I know this because this was the attitude you gave me when I called you today.  You raised millions in Rochester recently for your new building and yet you cop an attitude when someone needs you?  What are your priorities?   Full or not, finding home for many animals or not...  you need to realize the consequences of having an attitude.  You are the largest and most known shelter.  You are who people call.  If you simply turn them away and with an attitude that makes them feel hopeless...  what do you expect them to do?

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