Miscellaneous Spring Stuff

The week before Lakeville Milltown Lakeville I got to go up to Lutsen and watch the spring series ski race.  I snuck over to Moose Mountain on my fatbike and rode all over the place on the down low.  It was pretty amazing bombing giant slalom turns all over the closed runs (closed to to limited snow cover so late in the season) and riding on the river through the golf course.  This was just a ride, but something I had a great time doing!

Lakeville Milltown Lakeville itself was a great day too.  Not much happened early in the race, but leaving the checkpoint a small group formed that Skarpohl drove and drove.  I made a few pulls too to help keep some of our competitors out of the group, but soon regretted doing that.  In the end Skarpohl and I went in the last 25 or 30 miles as a due.  I think he kept me around so he would have someone to torture but then felt bad and let me stay with him all the way to the end and ultimately beat him in the sprint.  I've now won that race 2 of the 3 runnings.  All 3 years I've been unbelievably tired for 2 or 3 days after this thing.

I skipped Ragnarok.  I don't know why.  I want to do it next year.  I guess I felt like LML, Ragnarok, Dickie Scramble and Almanzo was just 1 too many long/early races.  Maybe I was right, but I'll never really know.

A huge benefit of not working evenings was being able to make the trip up to the Twin Cities on Tuesday nights.  The Tuesday night points races and crits became a big part of my spring this year.  I had moved up from being a 5 all the way to a 2 on the road without doing more than 10 or 12 total crits.  Obviously, that was too fast to be really comfortable/good and I wanted to work on that so  one of my goals this year was to 'learn' how to race crits a little bit.

I wound up racing every Tuesday available and a solid handful of weekend events.  I was proud to finish 6th in the MN Memorial Classsic race at the Fairgrounds (where I'm sure I had a relative advantage due to familiarity).  I was also consistently in the top 10 or so in the Tuesday races which meant a lot to me due to the nature of dealing with my health/food stuff.  10+ weeks of being "ready to go" on Tuesday night was something easy to get excited about!  My season would eventually fizzle out as the temperature and humidity soared into late June/July but not before I nearly stole the Wisconsin Cat 2 State Championships with a long move, but fell to 4th near the line.

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