Pugsley World Championships ;) 2015

As part of an attempt to somewhat catch up this blog with the current I'm going to hit on a few things I did this year with posts.

The PWC event down in Decorah was really just about a month after I stopped doing the Mayo job and began working just for myself.  I had taken a lot of time off after having health issues once again during the CX season (I'm still doing a lot of learning even now pertaining to my diet and health).  Then starting early February I started putting in a ton of miles at Gamehaven on the fatbike.  Not exactly as preparation for anything, but because it was nice to stay out of the wind and tons of fun.  By early March I had spent a lot of hours on snow, many of them trying to keep up with Trevor, and was as ready for a fatbike race as I have ever been.

The event itself was freaking great.  The course was tough with much of it being just barely rideable.  98% of the course was singletrack and there really were no punches pulled so far as anything that would make it easy.  The race consisted essentially of 4 loops with the last 2 being laps of the same sections.  After everyone had ridden/hiked/crashed the first time around it was absolute mayhem just staying upright.  The "fatbike birkie" took place the same day, whatever.  I would love to see that same field on a course like this (irony coming from someone many consider to be a roadie... eh?)

So far as the race itself went-  I was able to jump out to an early lead and stay away throughout.  It was always close, but I was able to find a bit more each time it tightened up etc..

Our next stop was Iowa City for one of the Iowa Spring Classic road races Sunday.  I had a decent day there and was able to get third.  What stands out in my memory though was literally putting my foot down in the sprint for 2nd.  I really left everything out there between the two days that weekend.

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