I'm alive

Broke my home computer and have been incredibly busy.

Basics are that I "quit" the trans wisconsin while in good standing due to some combination of a angry atv riders, sand and my own lack of fortitude. However, still put the miles in (and then some) during my time away from work. Had a wonderful time riding the first 300ish miles of the tw course, some random roads, all over Ironwood, minocqua etc. and also up at copper harbor. Rode a lot with my brother and it was great to see him doing so well! He is strong and riding well so soon after his ACL surgery!

Took about 160 images- would have been a lot more, but was low on batteries in the camera after about day 1 and had to conserve.

Would like to extend congratulations to all who took part in trans wisconsin.

A big part of the miles in put in last week were shorter "xc" style rides and I will be racing this weekend at "home" in Red Wing! As well as helping with timing for the earlier races as a volunteer. Should be an awesome weekend. Expect to see me at more xc races here for a while as well as at one 8-12 hr race per month or so (this month I'm doing levis-trow 100 and am on a team at wausau).

I'm also switching to a day shift for July and so will be able to hit up the weekly group rides and Thursday night races at will.

Will come back to and try to hit on the highlights of my "choose you're own adventure" style trans wisconsin and the rest of what turned out to be an incredible 10 day trip. Expect lots of pictures.


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  1. I had my ACL replaced in 1996. The dr. was very happy to hear that I was a biker. Keeps things "tight" in and around the knee, he would say. More power to your bro, and many happy miles in his recovery!!
    My knee never has felt bad as long as I ride. LOL at least I can use that excuse to pedal ;)

    Peace, Joboo