Well, nothing more I can do training wise. Feel about as ready as I could hope to... this equates to feeling like I'm already road kill.

Lots of maps to make and ideas to ponder. I'm sure none of it will matter once I start. Will I ride 9 mph or 16? Will it rain? Will I ride 9 or 16 hrs a day? It's out of my control in a way. Will my maps/gps/resources be adequate enough for me to ride as close to the edge as I want to? Will I figure out why they call 'Deathrider' Deathrider? Will Mr. Farrow leave me for dead? Will he be so far ahead early that he won't even know I'm dead? I heard he only intends to stop for lightning and trains and not even for lightning if the 'boom' is more than 2 seconds coming.

Only thing I know is that I'm not going over there to go slow or wimp out. I don't prioritize my races so to speak, but my thoughts/actions do anyways. The Almanzo and Cheq 100 were things I took very seriously (and I certainly wanted to do well in the Ragnarok, Dirty Kanza, Sandwich 50 et. al), but this is a whole additional level.

If all else fails-



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