Laura and I picked out a camper today! 1988 Shasta 23.5' travel trailer. Pictures to come after we actually get it- hopefully in the next few days. I've never seen myself as a camper type person as I'm pretty comfortable in a tent. However, this should mean that Laura and the dogs can travel with me to more events in the future, which is always a good thing.

On a related note- I'm sleeping in the yard right now. Time to dial in what is comfortable for me sleeping bag/clothing wise etc. in my new Eureka Spitfire. Going to feel a bit weird to get up off the couch, walk across the yard in the rain and zip myself into a tent.

Lastly, my route is made to get me from here to Milltown cycles. Looking like a 110 mile round trip with plenty of gravel.


  1. Are you going to pull it with the mini cooper?

  2. I don't think Laura realizes that everyone doesn't act like me?

    I think it weighs as much as 3 mini coopers! I'll stick to pulling it with my seldom used Tahoe... still not sure how well that's really going to work for the length/type of trips I'd like to use it for. It's definitely going to Wausau and Maplelag at the least- both are pretty far!

  3. I'd make sure to check the towing capacity of the Tahoe/hitch before pulling the trigger.

  4. getting the heavy duty hitch with the bar setup etc. that they used along with it-

    Tahoe is rated for 7k lbs. No one is exactly sure what this beast weighs, but I'm guessing 5500-6500 (maybe less???). My transmission is already rebuilt with upgrades for towing from back when I had the flatbed car trailer. This trailer is the same length as my old car trailer- it can't weigh too much more, if at all, than that trailer plus a 5000 lb vehicle eh? Camper is mostly air right?

    It's gonna work, but be awful heavy. For a long weekend trip to duluth I need to be able to get 8 mpg and drive safely in order for this thing to have been a good purchase.

  5. Sounds good. I had a 24ft one a few years back. I towed it with my Dodge 2500.