borrow a pugsley?

I'd really like the opportunity to have one for about two weeks this year (one in December and one in January).

The rest of my winter training will be spent on gravels on 700x45s as that is what is available to me right in my backyard. Simply can't justify the expense of owning one of the damn things.

Would want to get a few rides in to increase comfort level and then race the Tuscobia 75 mile event (sorry to wimp out from the "big one", but it just doesn't fit with my plans and goals) in late December. And then similar situation in mid January for Triple D.

No promises I won't show up for both on my 29er if something doesn't work out (or that I won't ride the Mamasita at both regardless based on snow conditions), but I'm having a hard time with justifying the entry without knowing I have the weapon.


  1. I'll be in Tuscobia, doing the 150, but at more of touring type pace.

  2. I feel like if I tried to do it at a touring pace I'd probably just die out there from exposure?

    Need more experience- sticking to the length I'm comfortable with in the winter seems like a good idea.

    Glad to hear your planning on it- going to get those early morning training rides going again (or have they started)?

  3. Long live the "Fat Bike"!!! LOL
    Be careful what ya wish for, cause once ya throw the leg over one and put some miles on, you just might not want to give it up!! ;)
    Good luck with your future plans!!
    Peace, Joboo

  4. Good luck on convincing someone to give up their pugsley for 2 weeks during the one season of the year the bought it for. Also, did you see the gear requirements for Tuscobia? Same for the 75 and 150. You would want the bike for more than a week to figure how you are going to carry all that stuff. I had 6 weeks before Arrowhead(raced on a non fat bike) and it was not enough time.

  5. ah, yeah. Charly you're right... that's why I would up just doing Triple D last year.

    I have a hard enough time coming up with the gear for summer rides (for now)

  6. I bought a Pugsley last fall and then decided to do Arrowhead after I had the bike. I thought I was going to be set since I already had the bike, but I think all of the gear was more expensive.

    Sleeping bag, bivy, dry stuff sacks, stove, frame bags, clothing for 24+ hours at below zero temps, plus spare socks, base layers, headwear, handwear...

  7. Same here J-No!! I got the main tool for the AH135, or so I thought!? Lol
    Started added up the other gear, and was like.... Ahh i'm gonna have to wait till 2012. Having a young family does that to a guy!! Lol
    I could borrow most of the gear, but that's never been my style. One or two things is cool, but the whole works, na.
    So here's to the AH135'in 2012 for me.

  8. I wouldn't want to borrow most of the gear either- you've got to know it will work for you to do that race.

    I've got a lot of respect for how hard that race will be.

  9. Right on there man!!! If you don't respect the AH135, or any other winter endurance race, fingers and toes will be the least of your worries losing!!