Not sure what is going on with me. Got my blood tests back and everything is fine. Have been on antibiotics and allergy meds for 9 full days now. Haven't really ridden hard or trained at all since my trip to Blue Mounds. Yet I still wake up every morning with clogged sinuses and random aches.

Have gotten to ride a few times and really enjoyed racing in Winona last Saturday (http://www.29nsngl.com/page/show/217708-event-details only tells a small part of the, 8 hrs of partying with awesome people, story) as well as my first ride on the new bike on Sunday. Should probably note that I had a reasonably fast time Saturday, just missing top 5- particularly when weighed vs. how I've been feeling.

Still have the Night Nonsense, Dirt Bag ride, local micro-cross races and the possibility of some real cx races to come THIS year... but it just feels like I've shut down. Not that I'm burnt out either exactly, just that I'm frustrated with my health and current level of fitness (or is that my health?) and I'm feeling the pull of the gravel. Ready for the blank-slate that is training. I need the hrs of work and the possibilities that go along with it. The chance to improve myself and outwork my own expectations. I wish I could take a magic pill that would clear up sinuses and whatever else is going on, give me 4 or 6 weeks of 'rest' and let me get started tomorrow.

I spent some time this evening converting the Kona frame into my current best idea of a winter training ride. It's weird and it's ugly, but I think it's going to work. I like the way it fits and I think it's a logical improvement to the old Mono/fixocog from last year. I'll be primarily riding "it" as a 38x17 fixie-

Laura and I both had today and the rest of the week off from work. We went to the zoo today, here are a couple pictures from the zoo including a great one of my "Loris" by the a real Loris' enclosure.

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