good weekend

Thursday night and Friday AM I had a ton of head cold symptoms. Became frustrated enough that I called the doctor again and will now be going back in for some more testing (hopefully figuring out specifically what I'm allergic to, if that's what it really is). I also decided to change the time of day at which I take the nasal steroid they prescribed. I had been doing it when I woke up and at bed time- however, I figured it would be much more effective if I took my doses when I really needed them (the last couple days that has been when I wake up and then again right before going on an evening ride).

I decided to ride down to the Skogen house on Friday night for a bonfire- which turned out to be a great time btw, thanks Chris! Took my "night" dose before that ride and was happy to note that I felt pretty good riding, at the fire and also through the rest of the night.

Saturday AM I got out on a nice 45 mile road ride with some of the Velo guys. It was windy, but we kept the pace up pretty well and finished our loop almost 20 minutes faster than we'd expected. We all hit Dunn Bros. after the ride and heard some sobering war stories from Terry about his big fall two weeks prior out in California. He does seem to be recovering well.

Saturday PM was the first of the local "micro cross" races of the year. Chris did a great job with this one! The course was about perfect! We had a rocks, sand, fast sections with technical turns and plenty of obstacles. A course which was fun for all while also being plenty true to form so far as being a cross race goes.

My legs were a bit tired from the morning ride, but I had a mechanical advantage with my cx bike vs. most of the other competitors. I wound up making a move at around the halfway point which resulted in taking home a relatively easy win. Perhaps more importantly I didn't have any major knee pain issues with my ace knee band thingy on! Being able to do cx pain free going into the future would make me hugely happy. Here are some pictures I stole-

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